Saturday, January 24, 2009

Marriage Proposal

Today I got a marriage proposal.

Yes, I am already married.

No it wasn't my husband asking for a renewal of vows or anything.

It was my four year old little man who melted my heart.

He climbed up in my lap, grabbed my face with his hands and said....

"Momma, when I grow up; will you marry me?"

(Everybody all together now say.....awwwwww)

I explained I was already married to daddy; and that I was his mommy so I couldn't be his wife. That someday when he got older he would meet someone for him to marry.

Oh, how I pray for that women. I pray that I can lower my standards. I want the very best for him, as well all do for our children. I pray that I love and accept her the same way my mother in law loved and accepted me.

Yeah, I should probably go start that prayer right now, it just might take that long to for me to accept another woman in his life.

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