Friday, February 27, 2009

Showers and Birthdays

Three more cakes this week.

I started off with a coworkers wedding shower. Our office threw a shower for her and they asked me to do the cake. I got my inspiration from Cake Central, where there are many cakes like this. I just loved the simple elegance. This is a 9 inch white cake with pistachio pudding filling. Iced in buttercream with fondant accents. They loved it.
Next, I had a little girl's 3rd b-day. This is a version of a carnival cake I did for my daughter's birthday. They liked the bright colors so instead of the 2nd tier on top, I put a crown. Sorry about the lighting in the picture. Yuck! This is a 10 inch strawberry cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.

Last but not least, was the baby shower cake. The inspiration came from the napkin. I unfortunately did not save it to show you. This is 10 inch white cake and 6 inch chocolate cake, iced in buttercream with fondant accents.

Close up of baby on top.

Whew...what a month February has been. Lots of cakes this month. So much fun! Thanks to my hubby for helping me out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sock Hop's and Princess'

I have had three cakes to do recently.

The first one was for my good friend's little girl. She had a Sock Hop birthday party and here is what I did...

A doll cake, sitting on an 8 inch round. Then 3 10 inch round record cakes. All buttercream with fondant accents. Except the doll's skirt, it was fondant. It was a hit!

Then I had this sweet little princess cake for a little girl turning 2. A 10 inch and 6 inch iced in buttercream with fondant accents.

This cake was for a lady I work with. It was her birthday and my office manager asked me to make a cake. I have been wanting to do this cake for a while now and just had not had the opportunity yet. I think it turned out adorable.

It's a 12 inch 2 layer cake; surrounded by kit kats and filled in on top with m&m's.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I took little man to the Dr. for his four year old check up last week.

Yeah, I am a little behind, don't bust my chops.

Dr. T is going through all the questions with little man.

Can you dress yourself? Check.

Can you hop? Check.

Can you hop on one foot? Check.

Do you have any friends you like to play with?

Little Man looks at him and says, "Yeah, Woody, Buzz, and Jesse"

Ok, so he is a little obsessed with the Toy Story characters.

Ok, so he has a bag of these characters he takes to bed with him every night.

I immediately try to explain the situation. I say to Ethan, "No he means your friends"

I can't think of anyone that is Ethan's friend. I can't help that all our friends have little girls, or boys who are older.

I mean he has friends, friends we go to church with, but don't play with on a regular basis. Friends that are his sisters friends, so they are his friends by default.

So I guess I am on the look out for some new friends with a boy child in the four year old range.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sissy lost her first tooth on Christmas Eve.

It had a little help from a hanger.

She did not want her tooth out.

In fact, she was crying, begging her daddy to put it back in.

I being the great mommy I am...ran and got the camera.

I had to capture the moment of her crying, asking for it to be put back.

The hubby chastised me, for not being more sensitive.

I looked at him and said one!

Nope, nothing is sacred with it.

Then we all laughed about it.

I wrote about it back in December, with the more "scrapbookable" (is that a word?) picture.

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WFMW - Slow Cooker Liners

Today, I am participating in Works For Me Wednesday.

I have just discovered Slow Cooker/Crock pot liners.

I don't know if you have discovered these...but let me tell you...TIME SAVER!!

Just place the liner in the crock pot prior to putting your food in.

Then put your food it and cook per the recipe.

When you are done, pull the liner out...and it's ALL CLEAN.

No soaking, scrubbing, soaking some more, scrubbing some more.

Nope, nothing. Just put that baby back in the cabinet til next time.

I love them. And I am not getting paid to say it either! :)

Now go join the fun at Rocks in My dryer for one last week.

Remember next week, the WFMW will be at We are THAT Family.

Congratulations, Kristen!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

S.W.A.K. Carnival

My husband and I will be married 10 years in September.

That is unbelievable to me.

We met 12 years ago, through an private online southern gospel music chat room.

He lived in Georgia and I in Texas.

He had planned a trip to come and meet me face to face in late September 1997.

But, I couldn't wait. I convinced my mom to drive 15 hours on Labor Day Weekend to meet a stranger. Who for all we knew, could have been an ax murderer. But, he wasn't.

I pulled up in his driveway, got out of the car and began walking up the sidewalk. He came out the front door bounded down the steps and met me on the sidewalk.

He took me in his arms and kissed me on the head...and as they say....the rest is history.

It's been 12 wonderful years together. We have had our ups and downs, but we always come out the better for it. Our joys are doubled and our sorrows are halved.

I love him more today than I ever have. He knows me better than anyone. He knows me inside and out and loves me anyway; which amazes me.

He's my soft place to fall. He's the one I can vent to, and run to when everything goes wrong. He's the one I can celebrate with when everything goes right.

I don't have to love him..... I get to love him. And I will forever and a day!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fro' Me to You - 70's Throwback

For Christmas I gave my best friend a little girl's weekend getaway. We have been friends for over twenty years. We go way back...all the way to 2nd grade.

This trip was to Houston for Proverbs 31 ministries Girl's Night Out Conference. Then we spent Friday in Old Town Spring, shopping.

We happened upon a little antique store where we found these fabulous glasses...

Now you can't tell to well from the picture above, so let me show you you get the full effect. look closely. The arms of the glasses (the part that goes over your ears) are chains that you drape over your ears. Hanging from the said chain is this BIG round plastic circle which matches the print of the sunglasses.

I found them absolutely hilarious. I told my best friend I would totally buy a pair, because I think my family would get a kick out of them. I don't think I would have the nerve to actually wear them in public. But, they wanted $45 for these bad boys; and all because they are considered "Vintage". My best friend tried to shake them down to$20; but it was a no go. So we left them right there in Spring, TX.

I was disappointed when I got home and asked my mom and aunt if they remember them from the 70's. They said they had never seen such. So does anyone remember these glasses from the 70's?

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