Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tooth...You're Outta Here

It was Christmas Eve, and we were getting showered and changed to go to our Christmas Eve service. My husband and I were in our bathroom getting ready. I had laid the kids clothes out and instructed them to get dressed.

The next thing we hear is my daughter; she comes running in the bathroom crying. The first thing I see is blood. I'm like OH NO!

She opens her hand and it's her tooth, it has been loose for a couple of months. Whew! I think to myself...just a tooth. I am cheering...yeah sissy that's great!

OH no, she is hysterical. Screaming, "no no, I don't want my tooth out. DADDY, PUT IT BACK IN!!!!" I am trying so hard not to laugh, because she is really traumatized by this. She is still standing there crying, asking her daddy to put it back in. We are both trying to explain that's not the way it works. We finally calm her down and get her to except the reality....it ain't going back in!

Apparently, she used her teeth to try and open her pants hanger. Yeah, bad idea! The tooth was pretty loose, but not quite ready to come out yet. So come to find out it had a little help coming out.

My aunt gave her a tooth fairy pillow. We explained to her how that all worked. She wasn't too sure about the tooth fairy coming that close to her while she was sleeping. She said, How about I hang the pillow on the door knob. I am thinking...great..makes my job easier.

Then, daddy had to go and bring up the whole Santa thing. He said...do you think Santa AND the tooth fairy can come on the same night?? So, then she got a little apprehensive and said "Why don't I wait til tomorrow night." So thankfully, Santa and the tooth fairy did not have a collision.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Fro me to you - What he'll do to get a laugh

I love this man y'all; I really do! This is one of many things he will do to get a laugh from his children; and me as well for that matter. What pray tell, you ask is that on his head?? That would be a rubber glove.

Then he does this to really get a chuckle...

Oh yes, that's right! He pulls it down over his face and blows it up with his nose until it flies off his head and lands across the room. The children fall into fits of laughter on the floor. I just sit back and shake my head. He smiles and thinks to himself...mission accomplished!

Now go join the fun at We are THAT family!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I am participating with We are THAT family, in showing off our Christmas Tree.

We have a couple of traditions. One is the hubby and I collect Christopher Radko ornaments. We usually try to pick one up whenever we go on vacation. If we can't find one, then we try to find an ornament to remind us of our vacation. I'm not the buy a t-shirt kind of girl. An ornament suits our style a little better.

Like, earlier this year hubby and I got to go to Canada for 4 days. He won the trip through his work. While there we visited the Frontenac Hotel, we brought home an ornament that looks like the hotel.

We also try to buy each one of the kids an ornament every year. That way when they grow up and have their own tree, they will have some ornaments. We try to buy an ornament that represents them and the time they are at in their life. Like when princess was 3 years old, that year we got her an ornament that looks like a paint palette. She loved to paint with water colors. The child painted EVERY single day. Little man got a train as his ornament last year because he loves trains.

Please take notice of my NEW tree skirt. It just arrived in the mail today. So of course I had to take the old one out, put the new one on and take a new picture. I absolutely love it. I purchased it from Etsy store called Primsncountry

Karen over there at Primsncountry is fabulous!! She makes this stuff herself and does a wonderful job. Go visit her!

Now go visit Kristen at We are That family and show us your tree!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just a Parade kind of day!

This morning we attended the Dallas Neiman Marcus/Adolphus Christmas Parade. It was awesome. The first time we went Princess was 2 years old. We have not been back since then. We decided it was time to start the tradition again. Both of them are old enough to enjoy it and brave the cold weather. So we went for it. We were not disappointed!

Here is Sissy, bundled up and ready for the show.

Brother, ready and waiting.

Here's just a few things we got to see.....

We got to see Sissy's favorite My little Pony - Pinky Sparkle. Sissy was beside herself with excitement!

Mr Potato Head...from Toy Story of course. This was little man's favorite!

It was pretty chilly that morning while waiting for the parade to start. As the day went it along it warmed up. So, after the parade we went over to the West End and ate lunch outside.

Here's Nana and sissy, waiting for our lunch.

Daddy and brother waiting for lunch as well! It was wonderful morning!

We went home and took a rest. Then we headed out for our small town's Christmas parade. It was nothing in comparison to the the Dallas parade, but it was still a good time.

Here's our Motley Crew, waiting for the parade to start. This is Brother, Sissy, some cousins and a neighbor.

Here's a little of what we saw...
This was our church's float. Which by the way, won 3rd place!! GO FBC!

It was just a parade kind of day and a nice FREE way to usher in the Christmas Season!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Put it up...Take it down

The little man has been driving me crazy ya'll! We put our tree up Tuesday night. Everyone was so excited, the house was all decorated. Even if it was 60 degrees outside and we were sweating a little bit. That bad boy was up and decorated.

Well ever since the minute my feet hit the floor Wednesday morning, little man, who is 3, almost 4, has been bustin' my chops wanting to take it all down. He just doesn't get the concept of leaving it up til Christmas. I walk in the living room and he is standing in the middle of the room with his hands on his hips, he says "Ok mom, let's put it up." I said "what??" He said "all this Christmas stuff, let's put it back up in the attic." I said "Oh no sir!" I have tried to explain ya'll; I really have. Hubby has tried to explain. But about every 30 minutes for the past 3 days he comes and tells me it's time to put it up, and we go through the entire conversation AGAIN.

This evening he started to say something again. I said "Whoa, if you are about to talk about the Christmas decorations, just zip it right now, cause I ain't listenin'. Yeah, that didn't work. 21 more days to go...oh joy!

I think it just kind of messes with him because we have to rearrange the furniture a little bit; o.k. A LOT. The love seat has to be removed so the tree can go in it's place. So I think it just kind of throws him off. He likes consistency and routine. And I have totally thrown a wrench into that. Well, he might as well get used to it...he as a long life ahead of women throwing wrenches into his routine. I'm just sayin'