Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He's a big boy now

My little man went off to preschool on Tuesday.

I wasn't sure he was going to go. He had been wishy washy about it for several days.

At times he was really excited and then there were times he would say he didn't want to go.

Tuesday morning came and he was SO excited. He got to take his teddy bear with him for a teddy bear picnic.

Here he is so big and handsome getting ready to go.

He walked right in, found his basket and put his stuff in it.

He took off into the classroom with no time to hug his momma.

His teacher caught him and had him go wash his hands. (A requirement for all students when they enter the class)

I was able to snag him for a quick hug, but he didn't really have time.

Then he was off to find his spot with his new friends.

When we picked him up that afternoon he was wore slap out. Finally someone wore that boy out!

 He is your typical male. He didn't want to share a whole lot of details about his day at first. I think he needed time to decompress.

 As the day went on he began to share details of his first day. He had a great time. He loved music class; which was no surprise. He told us they took their bears with them and sang "We're going on a bear hunt"

We are so blessed to have Mrs. H as his teacher. Sissy had her last year as well. She was a Kindergarten teacher for 25 years at a local school. She retired two years ago and is now teaching preK. Funny thing is she was my cousin's 2nd grade teacher back in the day.

 I am totally seeing the fruition of her work as I now home school Emma. Emma has just been blowing through everything so far. I truly give that credit to Mrs. H for doing such a great job last year as her preK teacher. I know she will be great with my little man as well. And he too will be blowing through kindergarten at home next year as well

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  1. He looks so excited and CUTE!! Cheers to a successful first day. :)


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