Friday, February 20, 2009


I took little man to the Dr. for his four year old check up last week.

Yeah, I am a little behind, don't bust my chops.

Dr. T is going through all the questions with little man.

Can you dress yourself? Check.

Can you hop? Check.

Can you hop on one foot? Check.

Do you have any friends you like to play with?

Little Man looks at him and says, "Yeah, Woody, Buzz, and Jesse"

Ok, so he is a little obsessed with the Toy Story characters.

Ok, so he has a bag of these characters he takes to bed with him every night.

I immediately try to explain the situation. I say to Ethan, "No he means your friends"

I can't think of anyone that is Ethan's friend. I can't help that all our friends have little girls, or boys who are older.

I mean he has friends, friends we go to church with, but don't play with on a regular basis. Friends that are his sisters friends, so they are his friends by default.

So I guess I am on the look out for some new friends with a boy child in the four year old range.

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