Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sissy lost her first tooth on Christmas Eve.

It had a little help from a hanger.

She did not want her tooth out.

In fact, she was crying, begging her daddy to put it back in.

I being the great mommy I am...ran and got the camera.

I had to capture the moment of her crying, asking for it to be put back.

The hubby chastised me, for not being more sensitive.

I looked at him and said one!

Nope, nothing is sacred with it.

Then we all laughed about it.

I wrote about it back in December, with the more "scrapbookable" (is that a word?) picture.

Now go join the fun at We are THAT Family!


  1. Oh my that is too funny!! Put it back in! I love it. Does the Tooth Fairy come on Christmas Eve? I hope she didn't get in Santa's way. :)

  2. LOL! I'm sorry, a hanger? Do I want to know? No, I don't think I do. I'll just laugh instead. :)

  3. Classic! And no... nothing is sacred at our house either, unless it has to do with me. Even then, sometimes the husband hijacks the blog. LOL.

  4. Isn't it interesting how blogging has changed parenting? I'm sure my 2-year-old knows this, as he frequently stops what he's doing and poses - regardless of whether or not there's a camera!

  5. My son reacted the same way, too bad I didn't have a blog back then!!

  6. That's hilarious!~ Don't think I ever heard a kid cry to put a tooth back in. I know what you mean about capturing the picture for your blog. I'm so glad I now have a digital camera! I just have to remember it when something bloggable happens.

  7. Oh, that is cute! Poor girl! I'm sure the tooth fairy rewarded her!

  8. I totally understand the need to photograph EVERYTHING!


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