Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flip Flops and Over the Hill

Last weekend, not only did Becky and I make Emma's birthday cake, but I had orders for two more cakes.

We had this Over the Hill Cake for a gentleman who was turning 40. By the way, the closer I get to 40 the less over the hill it seems.

The gentleman's wife told me the richer the better. So we went with a chocolate chip chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing with chocolate covered strawberries on top. (How many times can I say chocolate in one sentence?) With chocolate and caramel drizzled down the sides. I know, you probably have a toothache just reading that...

Then we also had this next cake for a luau party. This was chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream. We had fondant accents and graham crackers crushed to look like sand.

I guess I thought I was superwoman, taking on two cake orders plus my daughter's and setting up for the birthday party. I must have temporarily lost my mind ya'll. If it was not for my partner in crime, my best friend Becky, we wouldn't have made it. But I think they all three turned out well.

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  1. Wow, what talent! They look great and delicious!


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