Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tooth...You're Outta Here

It was Christmas Eve, and we were getting showered and changed to go to our Christmas Eve service. My husband and I were in our bathroom getting ready. I had laid the kids clothes out and instructed them to get dressed.

The next thing we hear is my daughter; she comes running in the bathroom crying. The first thing I see is blood. I'm like OH NO!

She opens her hand and it's her tooth, it has been loose for a couple of months. Whew! I think to myself...just a tooth. I am cheering...yeah sissy that's great!

OH no, she is hysterical. Screaming, "no no, I don't want my tooth out. DADDY, PUT IT BACK IN!!!!" I am trying so hard not to laugh, because she is really traumatized by this. She is still standing there crying, asking her daddy to put it back in. We are both trying to explain that's not the way it works. We finally calm her down and get her to except the reality....it ain't going back in!

Apparently, she used her teeth to try and open her pants hanger. Yeah, bad idea! The tooth was pretty loose, but not quite ready to come out yet. So come to find out it had a little help coming out.

My aunt gave her a tooth fairy pillow. We explained to her how that all worked. She wasn't too sure about the tooth fairy coming that close to her while she was sleeping. She said, How about I hang the pillow on the door knob. I am thinking...great..makes my job easier.

Then, daddy had to go and bring up the whole Santa thing. He said...do you think Santa AND the tooth fairy can come on the same night?? So, then she got a little apprehensive and said "Why don't I wait til tomorrow night." So thankfully, Santa and the tooth fairy did not have a collision.

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