Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just a Parade kind of day!

This morning we attended the Dallas Neiman Marcus/Adolphus Christmas Parade. It was awesome. The first time we went Princess was 2 years old. We have not been back since then. We decided it was time to start the tradition again. Both of them are old enough to enjoy it and brave the cold weather. So we went for it. We were not disappointed!

Here is Sissy, bundled up and ready for the show.

Brother, ready and waiting.

Here's just a few things we got to see.....

We got to see Sissy's favorite My little Pony - Pinky Sparkle. Sissy was beside herself with excitement!

Mr Potato Head...from Toy Story of course. This was little man's favorite!

It was pretty chilly that morning while waiting for the parade to start. As the day went it along it warmed up. So, after the parade we went over to the West End and ate lunch outside.

Here's Nana and sissy, waiting for our lunch.

Daddy and brother waiting for lunch as well! It was wonderful morning!

We went home and took a rest. Then we headed out for our small town's Christmas parade. It was nothing in comparison to the the Dallas parade, but it was still a good time.

Here's our Motley Crew, waiting for the parade to start. This is Brother, Sissy, some cousins and a neighbor.

Here's a little of what we saw...
This was our church's float. Which by the way, won 3rd place!! GO FBC!

It was just a parade kind of day and a nice FREE way to usher in the Christmas Season!

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