Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I am participating with We are THAT family, in showing off our Christmas Tree.

We have a couple of traditions. One is the hubby and I collect Christopher Radko ornaments. We usually try to pick one up whenever we go on vacation. If we can't find one, then we try to find an ornament to remind us of our vacation. I'm not the buy a t-shirt kind of girl. An ornament suits our style a little better.

Like, earlier this year hubby and I got to go to Canada for 4 days. He won the trip through his work. While there we visited the Frontenac Hotel, we brought home an ornament that looks like the hotel.

We also try to buy each one of the kids an ornament every year. That way when they grow up and have their own tree, they will have some ornaments. We try to buy an ornament that represents them and the time they are at in their life. Like when princess was 3 years old, that year we got her an ornament that looks like a paint palette. She loved to paint with water colors. The child painted EVERY single day. Little man got a train as his ornament last year because he loves trains.

Please take notice of my NEW tree skirt. It just arrived in the mail today. So of course I had to take the old one out, put the new one on and take a new picture. I absolutely love it. I purchased it from Etsy store called Primsncountry

Karen over there at Primsncountry is fabulous!! She makes this stuff herself and does a wonderful job. Go visit her!

Now go visit Kristen at We are That family and show us your tree!


  1. What a lovely tree! I love your ornament collection!

    Thanks for participating!

  2. Just read your feedback and came to check out your (our!)'s lovely and I'm proud to see my tree skirt under it. Thanks so much for including me and my store in your blog...and by the way, Jesus IS the best thing...ever!


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