Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goin' Huntin' and Drive bys

Little man got up the other morning and came out of his room like this...

He then announced..."Mom, I'm goin' huntin', I'll be back.

I said "Oh really, what are you huntin' for?

He said, "see my hat (John Deere hat), it has a deer, that means I am going deer huntin' "

I said "OHHHHH, I see"

Wow, now that he explained it, it all makes sense. Now, if only all the other hunters all over the world knew that when they are hunting for deer they are supposed to be wearing their John Deere hat. Should I tell him now, or wait and let him figure it out on his own?

I'll wait. Cause he's just too stinkin' cute.

In the picture with him would be Winchester. That is his gun, it's not real. But he talks about Winchester as if he is a person. Winchester has to sleep by his bed at night. Winchester makes noise like a real gun and smokes like a real gun. This was a Christmas present from Poppy.

He just can't understand why I won't let him take it inside places when we go like say to, church, the store etc. I try to explain to him that Winchester might scare some people.

Then the other day we are driving down the road and he had brought Winchester along for the ride. When I suddenly realize that he has his window rolled down and is pointing Winchester out the window and "shooting" it.

I freaked.

I started hollering at him, "get that gun in the window", "roll your window up."

I was waiting for police to start coming from all over and pull me over. I could just hear them telling me that people were calling 911 reporting my vehicle with a gun hanging out the window. Can you just see the headline in the newspaper, "Local Mom has 4 year old handling gun in drive bys."

Gotta love that boy!


  1. Love that your little guy is all boy. You made me laugh with the car story. Sad that we live in a world where we have to worry about that.

  2. My son was like that when he was little too. The first word he could spell was Police. He had a plastic badge and a plastic handgun. I used to have to pat him down before we left to go anywhere because he would have the gun and want to shot the bad guys.

    Those were the days.



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