Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise - UPDATE

These arrived by mail today.

They are a surprise for my hubby!

I love giving surprises...but I am not good at waiting to give the surprise.

He is originally from Maryland and grew up eating these.

Just recently he got a hankerin' for them.

He can't remember a lot of details about them.

He just keeps saying "I used to eat these butterscotch cakes...I think they are called Crumpets." He also thought they were made by Hostess.

Every time we are in any kind of store that has food, he looks for them.

I have never seen or heard of them. I grew up in the south, we live in the south. I had no clue what he has been going on and on about.

So, unbeknown to him I did a little internet research...and found Butterscotch Krimpets made by Tastykakes.

I ordered two boxes. Cause I like my man to be happy!

I have been praying he won't look at the bank account online and ask me about the payment to Blair candy. Cause' I might of had to lie to him. I really wanted to keep it a secret.

I wanted to keep it a secret so much so that, he has a whole lot of family still in the MD/PA area that could have bought these and sent them to me much cheaper; but I was so afraid someone would let the cat out of the bag though.

So, they arrived today, and I am so excited and can hardly wait to give them to him. So much so that I emailed him at work and told him I have a surprise. I even suggested he might want to come on home. I am so bad! I can't stand waiting to give the surprise.

It's 2:oo in the afternoon and he's on his way home. I finally convinced him to come home. My hubby NEVER leaves work early. He RARELY calls in sick. Oh I am so bad!! I just can't wait!!!

He will be here soon. Hopefully I can get a picture of him when he sees them!!


Well, he arrived home.

I made him go sit at the table and close his eyes.

Then I sat the boxes in front of him and once I had my camera ready I allowed him to open his and I took two pictures as fast as I could.

Here they are...

To say the least, he was very excited. They are exactly what he used to eat as a kid.

He wanted to know just WHERE did I finally find them. I told him the internet is a great thing.

People even sells these on ebay. I did not obtain them from Ebay. I found them at the Blair Candy Co.

So if you are from up north and remember eating these as a kid and can't find them in the south or wherever it is you are now. Don't fret, you can order them online.

I love surprising my hubby!

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