Friday, August 28, 2009

Flowers, Ducks and a Wedding dress

First I started the weekend off with a cupcake bouquet for a friends mom. I was really excited because I got to use my new airbrush machine my hubby just bought me for my birthday.

This was a dozen white cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing. I arranged them in this bowl to look like a bouquet of flowers.

I added tissue paper under the cupcakes to give it that bouquet look. I also tied some ribbon around the bowl to fancy it up a little.

Next up was a baby shower cake for a friend. The shower theme was ducky. I searched all over looking for an idea and couldn't really find anything that just jumped out at me. Wilton has the 3-D duck pan. All the pictures of the cakes made with that pan I didn't really care for.

I hate doing the star tip on a cake to make an image or cover a cake. It give my hand major cramps. So I steer away from that if at all possible. So instead of using the duck pan to make a cake out of, I used half of the pan and made a chocolate mold out it.

I used pre-colored yellow chocolate melts. I melted them down, poured them in half the pan and stuck in refrigerator to harden. Then I just popped it out and painted on the eye and bill with more pre-colored melted chocolate. You can actually do it in stages where you put in the white for the eye, and orange for the bill and stick in fridge and let that harden. Then pour the yellow in on top of that and let that layer harden and it all pops out together, it's just that I forgot to do that. :o) So, I opted for painting it on, then smoothed it with my gloved finger. The chocolate will soften from the heat of your hand and will allow you to smooth it out.
The cake was a 12 in. chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream icing. Around the bottom is a piece of yellow grosgrain ribbon. I think he turned out adorable!

And, last but not least was a wedding shower cake for our Children's Minister and his fiance at church. This was again a 12 in. chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream icing. The wedding dress and bouquet are made from fondant. There are also tiny edible pearls adorning the dress and bouquet. She loved it so much, it made her tear up.

That's all I got for now!

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  1. Ok, girlfriend, you are TALENTED! Your cakes are GORGEOUS! THanKs for joining Sassy Gal Glamour Followers....saw ya and had to stop by and say 'hi'! I'll be back!!


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