Monday, August 24, 2009

New Teacher in Town

That's right....there's a new teacher in town.

It's me.

Today was our first day of homeschool. My baby girl started kindergarten.

We had a great first day.

When I got up this morning, I heard some commotion and went to find her.

There she was in her room. I said "Good Morning, whatcha doin'?" She said, I have brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and now I am getting dressed. I said "Oh wow, are you ready for school?" She said, "Yes!!" Now ya'll, normally I have to MAKE her do all these things. Not today though, she was so excited to get started.

I told her we would get breakfast first and start around nine. She then told me to only give her a little bit of cereal, because she wasn't real hungry and she was ready to get started with school.

She hounded me until nine o'clock and we finally got started. I took her picture by the fireplace and made her walk out the back door and back in. She thought that was funny.

We started the day with a prayer. Then for Bible, we worked on our Awana verse. Then in phonics, we talked about the letter I. In Math we counted to 10, focusing on numbers 1-3. She kept looking at me like..."Are you serious? This is it?" I kept trying to tell her that we would be starting slow and reviewing a lot of what she learned in pre-K last year. Overall it was a great first day and she was very excited.

I hope that excitement and enthusiasm stays for a long time. I know all days won't be like this.  I know there will be days I will have to drag her kicking and screaming gently nudge her to the kitchen table. I just hope that is not for several more years. ( Just let me live in my dream world, m'kay)

We are using the A Beka curriculum. So far, I have liked what I have seen. It really lays it out nicely for the "teacher". Which is what I wanted being my first year. I just wanted someone to spell it out for me.

I have been watching everyone today update their facebooks with pictures of their little ones going off to school for the first day; can I just say I am so thankful I didn't have to kiss her goodbye this morning!!

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